Over the hills and through the woods lies a quaint little town called Vernon Hills, where nothing is quite as it seems.


General Sean works tirelessly with his troops (Cooper and Alvin) to protect his home town from the Bigfoot Monster who lives in their forest. Alvin is more interested in outer space, and hopes to someday fly to Planet Mars.


Sadie seeks peace, but crazy lunatics like Sean and his Army always find a way to spoil her serenity. Her best friend Electra believes she is a future Hollywood celebrity, and Cloe is a mommy to Mr. Bobo (her little monkey friend).


There are four mysterious strangers living in the forest…

After their mother planet “Zantua” was obliterated by a meteor, Glower, Simeon, Jeff and Oliver managed to flee in an experimental untested spaceship, which crashed-landed on Planet Earth. They now live in a cave in the woods near Vernon Hills.



Tiberius the Cave Tortoise
Life was boring for Tiberius. Then Glower showed up.