Text of Cartoon

Sean: The snowfall from last night’s squall makes it easy to spot fresh tracks left by enemy spies!

Sean: I knew it!  I had a feeling trouble was afoot!

Sean: That’s a weird footprint…  The enemy is using newfangled boots!

Cooper: That’s no boot Sean, these are clearly Bigfoot tracks!

Sean: Cooper, this is not the time for your zany paranormal speculations!

Sean: I think I see something ahead!

Sean: We must surround him, and take him in for a round of questioning!

Cooper: What’s the point?  The only noises Bigfoot makes are grunts and growls.

Electra: Hello boys!

Electra: Check out my fab mukluks, and Eskimo chic!

Electra: It’s the new fad taking the fashion world by storm!

Sean: False alarm.