Are you interested in partnering with SPACE POPS to promote your blog, business, or online shop? For more information about banner ads and social media campaigns, please email me your full name, email address, website url, and any other relevant information to me at elizabeth [at] spacepops [dot] com and I will reply as soon as possible!

SMALL SQUARE ADS (125 x 125 pixels)

The two Small Square Ads are the most prominent ads on the blog. On pages where the cartoon is displayed, they appear to the left and right of the cartoon navigation buttons. On all other pages, they appear to the left and right of the website header.


LARGE SIDEBAR BANNER AD (200 x 200 pixels)

The Large Sidebar Banner Ad is featured on the top of the right sidebar. On pages where the comic strip is displayed, this ad appears below the comic strip section. On all other pages, it appears directly below the header. There is only one Large Sidebar Banner Ad.

MEDIUM SIDEBAR BANNER ADS (100 x 200 pixels)

Medium Sidebar Banner Ads are located on the right sidebar directly beneath the Large Sidebar Banner Ad. Only ten Medium Sidebar Banner Ads are displayed at a time.

Please note, banner ads must be a static image – we do not feature ads with pop-up elements. is a for-profit website featuring a comic strip called SPACE POPS created by me (Elizabeth Thorne). In the interest of artistic integrity, advertising will never be incorporated into the comic strip itself. I only promote things I personally believe in and love, and if I am being compensated to share something on this website or any of the official SPACE POPS social media accounts (or have received something for free), that will be fully disclosed.

Advertising prices are subject to change on a monthly basis.